Watervale Group comprises several family owned businesses based in Warwickshire.


The name ‘Watervale’ comes from the names of the founders, Walter and Eva Hill.

Walter started Watervale Estates Ltd in 1954 as Motor Finance Co (Leamington) Ltd. In 1959 he set up a car auction in Warwick, which continued to operate from the same site for 40 years. Walter’s son Charlie ran the auction from the early 1980s until 1999, when the site was sold for residential development and the proceeds reinvested in various properties. Charlie’s sons Jon and Matt are now running the company.

Walter, Eva and Charlie formed Waygos (Builders & Contractors) Ltd in 1965. With nearly 60 years experience undertaking various residential and commercial projects it now owns a portfolio of mostly commercial property across Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Devon. It is also managed by Jon and Matt.

Jon’s love of technology led him to form Watervale Technology Ltd in 2007 to support the IT requirements of small businesses in Warwickshire. He still runs the company.

Jon and his wife Nicola started Real Homes Design & Construction Ltd in 2008 to specialise in residential new-build and extension projects.


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